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Scootsa1000’s #CBR4 Review 39: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I hate to do this, but I’m quite far behind in my reviews, and I’m realizing that I read a few of these so long ago (March?  April?  Ack!) that I honestly don’t have too much to say about them anymore.  Ergo, I’m joining in the new trend to write thoughtful, yet INCREDIBLY BRIEF reviews for these that I read prior to June.  I promise to write proper reviews for everything else.  I read this AGES ago.  I apologize in advance for taking a great book and telling you almost nothing about it.

I’m sure that anyone who has ever had any interest in reading The Life of Pi has probably already read it.  This was actually my second time through (my husband and I started a “mini book club” this year…this was our first — and so far only — selection), and I found that it was even more interesting the second time through.  For those who might not know:  it tells the story of Pi, a young Indian boy who’s family owns and runs a local zoo.  Pi is a very devout and pious young man, and his belief in God knows no bounds — he was born a Hindu but also practices Islam, and has been baptized as a Catholic.  When Pi’s father sells the zoo, and all of the animals in the zoo, his entire family decides to move to Canada, to the zoo where many of the animals are going.  Disaster strikes, and their ship sinks, leaving only Pi, a zebra, an orangutang, a hyena, and Richard Parker.  Oh, did I mention that Richard Parker happens to be an enormous Bengal Tiger?

Pi and Richard Parker are at sea for over 200 days together, as Pi learns how to survive by providing for himself and for Richard, and Richard learns how to not eat Pi.  Oh, and meerkats!  Lots of adorable meerkats.

There is a “Sixth Sense” style twist at the end…and I enjoyed looking for clues regarding the ending the second time around.  A great story about faith and belief, and I look forward to the film later this year.

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