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Petalfrog’s #CBR4 Review #9: Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work by Tim Gunn


Tim Gunn, oh what a refreshing breath of air you are. This year I’ve read mostly action, horror, and murder mysteries or thrillers. Picking up Gunn’s Golden Rules was like the ideal palate cleanser (not unlike the sorbet he described that he thought was a palate cleanser but turned out to be dessert). I am now ready to return to my usual world of serial killers, cops, lawyers, etc., but thank you for reminding me that it is important to pull myself out of my reading niche every once in awhile. Shaking it up is a good thing.

Tim Gunn made his rise to fame as the funny, but polite, mentor to the designers on Project Runway. Fans of the show fell in love with Tim, and I think most of us wish we had someone so supportive and encouraging in our lives. “Make it work” became a nationwide catchphrase. It was clear that the majority of the contestants adored him and respected his opinion, and we scoffed at those who ignored him or acted like they knew better. Who knows better than Tim? No one! Also, Tim is clearly a gentleman and I like to think he was a bit of a role model to others in similar positions as him.

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