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faintingviolet’s #CBR4 review #44: Whom the Gods Love by Kate Ross

I find myself sitting to type of this review minutes after completing the reading of Whom the Gods Love by merit of the fact that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy there is little else for me to do. Perhaps it is the reality of the damage done to my home state, the weeks of recovery in front of all of us, the lack of internet and phones, or the amount of deaths in this Julian Kestrel novel that leave me feeling vaguely melancholy. It could also be the realization that there is only one more book by Kate Ross for me to consume.


Whom the Gods Love is filled with literary allusions and death. The book picks up a small while after the activities of A Broken Vessel finding Julian and Dipper back into the normal pattern of life. That is, until Julian is approached by Sir Malcolm Falkland, father of the deceased Alexander Falkland. Sir Malcolm is distraught, the Bow Street Runners have run into a dead-end and the Quality won’t fully participate in the investigation. Sir Malcolm approaches our amateur sleuth to piece together the mystery of who would kill such a popular young man.


Julian takes on the challenge, if only to occupy his time and give Sir Malcolm peace of mind, but it quickly becomes clear that there is much more below the surface than Sir Malcolm or any of Alexander’s acquaintances could have known. Ms. Ross utilizes a character list in the beginning of this book, partly because there are so many characters to keep track of, and partly I think as a nod to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice which gets referenced once again. While this book had a slow start I’ve decided to give it a three star rating because it’s full of historical insights and kept me guessing about the mystery at hand.

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