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HelloKatieO’s #CBR4 Review #13: Your Voice in my Head by Emma Forrest

This book came to my attention via LaineyGossip, where she glowingly reviewed the book and has been closely following the casting of the film adaptation. Your Voice in my Head  is Emma Forrest’s memoir, a loving tribute to her long time therapist who passed away after helping her work through her bulimia, cutting and depression for almost eight years.  The death of her therapist coincides with the dissolution of her relationship with the man she calls Gypsy Husband – a man known to the rest of us as Colin Farrell.

You can feel the mania and depression in the rhythm and pattern of Forrest’s words. Here writing is so intimate you feel like you’re eavesdropping on her most private conversations with her most trusted friend. The book outlines Forrest’s descent into her mental illness, and the slow progress she makes with her therapist. Her story is a heartbreaking look at mental illness and recovery.

But more than that, her story is about the people who define her. She thinks of herself in terms of others; her mother who’s also her best friend, her lovely friends. Her therapist gave her hope, he understood her, and he gave her a thread to hang onto in her moments of desperation. Forrest’s accounts of her boyfriends and lovers show the depth of the connection she feels with them. Even the men who treat her so, so badly shape her; the importance of those relationships doesn’t fade for her over time – years later, she feels the effects of these men on her just as fully as if she were still with them.



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