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HelloKatieO’s #CBR4 Review #28: World War Z by Max Brooks

So, I’m  really behind on the zombies thing.  I promise it’s near the top of my to-watch list (after The Shield)….but I haven’t seen The Walking Dead yet.  Never read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Even the horror movies I watch don’t feature zombies – I’m strictly a ghosts, monsters and vampires kind of girl.  But I’ve finally gotten around to reading World War Z, even if it is five years after the rest of the world.

This book was awesome. You know those incredibly long, weirdly specific and just plain hilarious conversations you have with your friends about the actual logistics of the zombie apocalypse (or about vampires or ghosts existing, or if there were X-Men living among us….etc.)?  This is that conversation, perfectly transcribed, in book form. Except the narrator asks far more probing questions of his subjects than I could ever come up with, and he covers every possible scenario that might occur during a zombie apocalypse.

You want to know how you would fare in the zombie apocalypse?

I’ll tell you.


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