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LurkeyTurkey #CBR4, Review #7: The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth

*This book is a sequel to “Blood Oath.” *

Nathaniel Cade is a 140 year-old vampire, who is, wait for it, tied to the President of the United States through a blood oath.  As such, Cade is required to serve whoever sits in that seat of power and protect the United States against all enemies.   He is, of course, a secret to the large majority of the American people, and fights all things “Other” that are trying to destroy the American way of life. 

Cade and his “handler,” Zach Barrows, a snarky, politically-minded human assigned to aid the vampire, are tracking down “Snakeheads,” reptilian villains capable of shredding human beings with their raptor-sharp claws and razor teeth.  These creatures were formerly human, turned by a virus or infection, which is spread via saliva in bites or wounds of their human prey.  These creatures are terrifying, soulless killers with a seemingly insatiable hunger.

As Cade has been around for 140 years, there are many reveals as to the source of the virus, and more importantly, who is pulling the strings to spread it, and why.  Really it is the search for the puppet master that makes this book interesting.   It’s no “Tinker Tailor,” but the narration does oscillate enough between political intrigue to Urban Fantasy enough to keep the pace up, and the story compelling.

The characters are also more than just cut-out action heroes.  This is an improvement over “Blood Oath” in the development of Cade’s character as he seems less robotic, and Zach Barrows is snippy and manages to bungle up enough to keep him lovably dependent on Cade.  Also included in this novel are the actors of the CIA’s arch-nemesis, The Shadow Company, who are great fun in their nefarious plots and schemes.

Overall, this is a fun book worthy of a sunny day on the beach, or a crappy snowy day with a cuppa tea (which is sadly how I read it).

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3 thoughts on “LurkeyTurkey #CBR4, Review #7: The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth

  1. How have I never heard of this book? I mean, it could be the worst thing ever, but there’s no way I’m not going to read a book about a vampire tied by blood oath to the president. Next time I’m looking for some cheeky fluff, maybe?

  2. OK… now you’ve added to my list of what to read as soon as my current King Arthur thread wears out. This is what makes the challenge such fun! Great review!

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